Earth USA 2015: Santa Fe, NM


In October of 2015 I helped organize and carry out Earth USA 2015 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The conference was held at the New Mexico Museum of Art in the St. Francis Auditorium. Earth USA 2015 indicated a wider field of interest than previous conferences and included adobe, rammed earth, compressed earth block (CEB) and monolithic adobe (cob). Any material or method that uses clay as a binder was considered. Approximately 130 participants attended from 15 countries and presented papers and posters on various aspects of earthen construction. The countries represented at the conference were China, Japan, India, Germany, Canada, Norway, Italy, Mexico, UK, Spain, Mali, Iran, Ghana, France and the USA (Oklahoma, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, California, Kansas, Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, Missouri, Ohio, North Carolina, Utah, Tennessee). Join the Earth USA mailing list to receive updates about the next conference which is being tentatively planned for late 2017 or early 2018.