I am certified as a Specialist for Building with Earth by the Dachverband Lehm (German Association for Building with Earth) and the Handwerkskammer Ulm (Ulm Chamber of Trades and Crafts). I also hold a Certificate in Adobe Construction from Northern New Mexico College (Quentin Wilson).

I have been teaching live-instruction and internet-based adobe construction courses since 2006. If you are interested in building a healthy, sustainable and energy efficient home using adobe bricks as the primary building material this series of courses is right for you.

Live-instruction courses usually take place in Santa Fe, New Mexico and run for 5 days. Occasionally I travel to Arizona and California to teach a course. All of the courses are very hands-on in nature and are built around easy-to-understand adobe construction techniques for the do-it-yourself owner/builder.

Online courses run for 8 weeks. In addition to relevant reading material, the online versions of the courses provide the student with a series of step-by-step instructional videos and podcast interviews with experts from the field. An online discussion group for interacting with the instructor and your fellow students also accompanies each online course.