I teach live-instruction and online adobe construction courses which are based on New Mexican passive solar adobe design and construction principles. If you are an owner builder interested in constructing a healthy, sustainable, energy efficient home using earth as the primary building material this series of courses might be right for you.

My 5-day, live-instruction courses usually take place in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Occasionally, I also travel to Arizona, California or Texas to teach a live course. All of my courses are also available online. In addition to relevant reading material, each 6-week online course provides you with a series of step-by-step podcast interviews and instructional videos with experts from the field. A discussion group for interacting with the instructor and your fellow students also accompanies each online course. Take a look at the short descriptions of the 9 courses I currently offer and feel free to contact me if you would like to receive access to a trial online course.

If you need more immediate assistance with an upcoming or ongoing adobe construction project, I also offer on-site, phone or e-mail consulting services.